Monday, May 18, 2015

Double Trouble...Double Cute?

This "twin trouble" story needs a little background.  We are in Virginia en route to Charlotte, NC.  We don't have a Wednesday night meeting, so we are taking our time and spending a couple of days at a Prophet's Chamber in Blackstone, VA. 
As we left Ladysmith, VA we stopped and rescued a turtle from getting smooshed on the road.  We saw it, turned around to get it, and then watched as another car almost hit it.  The kids were uber excited about having a turtle in the car, but the poor guy was scared to death and locked tight in his shell for a long time.  At the gas station we got a box and "Tiny Tim" slowly came out of hiding.
We arrived at our destination and let Tiny Tim wander in the grass, fed him some strawberries and gave him a turtle bath of water to play in.  He really perked up!  In fact, as we peeked out the window after supper, we found him climbing out of the box onto the deck railing.  He ran around the porch for a while but we assumed he couldn't get down.
We were wrong.  The kids were playing hide and seek with Ben when I stepped outside to check on the turtle.  He was gone.  I looked around the porch in the grass but couldn't find him.  I called to Ben who came out to help me find the turtle, while Elaine and Nolan were still hiding in the house. 
This is where the Double Trouble team went to work.  With no parents in the house, and no big siblings to tattle, they decided to help themselves to their toothbrushes and toothpaste.  They managed to get both, and had a jolly time "brushing their teeth" until Mom came in to clean up the mess!  There was toothpaste everywhere, but lots of smiles and cuteness from Nehemiah, whom I assume was the instigator.  He had the most toothpaste on his shirt, anyway!

Don't let his cute look deceive you...he was guilty!

Liberty was involved, but not nearly as much!

Notice the hair!

Glad there's a washing machine at this house!
(We found the turtle, too.  Just in case you were curious).


Friday, May 15, 2015

A Few Pictures from Our Week

Nehemiah at the park
He just couldn’t take his eyes off the big guys playing basketball, and he inched as close as he could to the court!

Nehemiah playing Basketball
…so the next day Daddy lifted him up to dunk his basketball, but he refused to relinquish the ball from his hands!

Nolan in PeeWee Class
Something makes me think he was told to sit still and fold his hands in class…

Playing with Liberty's New Baby
Liberty got a new baby and accessories from Grandma Godby for her birthday.  She even found it in her heart to share with Nehemiah!

Playing with Liberty's New Baby

Hanging on the Slide
Hanging from the slide together…this is a new “trick” they have discovered.

Happy Mother's Day
My mother’s day card from Elaine!  She had help knowing the letters for the greeting, but the “Love, Elaine” part was all on her own!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today I had a follow-up ultrasound, to get some more pictures of the baby’s heart.  He is breech right now, so it’s hard for them to see everything they want to see!  Though this is only my fourth pregnancy, I have had a lot of ultrasounds!  (One or two every month with the twins!).  Yet I always stare at that screen in amazement – that we can look at our unborn baby and see his development, movement, and anatomy, and detect any possible problems – weeks before the baby ever takes his first breath of air or utters his first cry.  I think if I ever had a job in the medical field, I would want to be a sonogram technician!

Ten days ago the first thing I saw on the screen was our baby boy taking his thumb out of his mouth and then stretching his leg to give me a giant kick.  Today I saw all four chambers of his heart pumping. 

I guess sometimes as a mom of four little people, I get all caught up in the daily moments that make up life.  Wiping noses, changing diapers, grilling cheese sandwiches, giving baths, walking to the park, folding laundry, and answering a million questions.  I don’t know that it’s really sunk in that I’m expecting again.  It’s just part of life right now, and it’s happening quietly while all of the noise and busyness on the outside continues.  There are so many busy moments right now that I haven’t thought about what’s going on inside of me.

But when you see a baby – so very clearly a created little baby – on that screen in the darkened room, you remember that God is in the business of miracles.  He created this little life inside of me and He is growing it and perfecting it until the moment I give birth.  And then the growing process will continue, but He will place a lot more of the decisions and responsibility in my hands, to nurture this baby for 18-20ish years.  It’s just amazing.  It’s a miracle.

Here are a couple of recent pictures of our little miracle.  (Both profile pictures, with the head to the left, and the nose and mouth towards the top).

Its a Boy
In this picture, the baby had just moved his arm down from his mouth.

Baby #5 25 weeks
It looks like his mouth is open here – that’s his tongue sticking out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Twins!

We celebrated the Twinsies birthday on Monday night.  It started off with a lovely walk down the Shore Parkway path to the playground.  This is one of the first family outings where we haven’t taken a stroller!

We came home to a favorite meal – Chicken Nuggets and French Fries.  Then we opened presents and had cake.  They knew exactly what to do with the cake, and had been asking for it all day!  And of course, there were presents!

Twins 2nd Birthday
The Presents

Twins 2nd Birthday
The Birthday Boy & Girl

Twins 2nd Birthday

Twins 2nd Birthday
Trying to open their gifts

Twins 2nd Birthday
Enlisting help – to the delight of the bigs

Twins 2nd Birthday    Twins 2nd Birthday
Liberty with Mrs. Potato Head (Nehemiah gave her the bruise under her eye), and Nehemiah with his “ha” and “ba-bit-ball”.  Nothing else mattered after the ball was opened!


Twins 2nd Birthday
Two small cakes (we don’t want to get too fat with two whole birthday cakes!)

Twins 2nd Birthday

This didn’t go so well, so we tried again!


Twins 2nd Birthday
Nehemiah would not relinquish the ball for bedtime, so we let him sleep with it his first night.  He kept dropping it on his head and crying!

Wordless Wednesday

:: Elaine gave me the night off from dishesElaine doing dishes

:: 150th Anniversary of the FDNY – so we got to touch the truck!img_4001

:: Making Mini Pizzas for supperMaking Mini Pizzas

Making Mini Pizzas

Making Mini Pizzas

Making Mini Pizzas

:: Wrestling with DaddyWrestling with Daddy

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Two Two Year Olds!

Today is Liberty and Nehemiah’s second birthday.  Who would have thought that two years with twins could go so fast?  This day two years ago is easy to recall…when my water broke at 4 am and we headed to the hospital in anticipation.  As soon as I was admitted and prepped we headed to the OR and Liberty was born at 8:30 a.m.  Nehemiah was a little more comfortable inside, so it took him an additional 35 minutes to make his arrival!

Both twins love to swing!

Now that we’ve been through several stages with twins, I would say in a heartbeat that two newborns was a piece of cake!  Once they became mobile, life changed.  Did you know that it’s possible to lose two toddlers in 800 square feet?  It happens regularly!  The approach to age two has been more challenging, but more rewarding at the same time.  Strong wills and sinful attitudes are rampant, and harder to deal with when they come in doubles!  But watching them interact as a team, start to speak words, and discover their world has been exciting.

Little movie bugs!

Liberty.  She is a bundle of mother-ness to Nehemiah!  She tattles when he is messy, in trouble, or doing something she doesn’t like.  “See!  Mommy!  See!” tells me that she thinks he is doing something wrong, and she wants me to know it!  But at the same time, she joins Nehemiah when what he is doing looks fun or exciting.  She says, “No!” and “’top” (stop) to him regularly. 

She has quite the entourage behind her – and they all have to be in just the right spot for her to go to sleep!

Liberty loves baby dolls.  She is always toting one around, especially when she is moody.  She speaks well in sentences and phrases.  “Let me go” is a phrase we hear a lot – usually because she is supposed to be holding our hand, but doesn’t want to.  Everything usually starts with “I” instead “me” or “my”.  “I juice” means she wants her juice – and she does know which color cup belongs to her!  Another phrase we hear a lot is “bite me!” – yes, Nehemiah is a biter, and Libs gets the brunt of it.

IMG_7989 (2)
She hates to have anything in her hair.

She is more pouty than her twin, but also very cuddly.  When she wakes up in the morning, she wants hugs and snuggles.  She seems to prefer Grandpas over Grandmas, but she snubs Ben in favor of me.  She is a comfort eater, and her “fat little belly” shows it!

2015-3-27 Cake for Supper! (9)

Nehemiah is a total boy.  He loves balls, cars, and especially trains.  Any truck, bus, or heavy equipment that we see on the road is stared at until out of sight.  Everything is a sound, and we regularly hear “Neigh! Moo!  Choo-choo!” and other announcements from the back seat.  He is starting to put words together very clearly.  Yesterday it wasn’t enough to say that he had juice to drink, it was apple juice

img_8065He’s all about hats right now!

He is very attached to balls, and especially loves to kick them.  I think he might be a soccer player!  Nehemiah takes after Grandma in that he is left-handed, and Mommy in that he is a klutz.  His forehead usually has at least one bruise on it!  Falls and bumps hardly phase him anymore, and are usually greeted with “a bump!” and fixed with a kiss.  He doesn’t like messy fingers or grass between his toes.

Learning to play billiards!

Everything liquid has been “juice” for quite a while, but last week Nehemiah told us emphatically he wanted “milk”.  He likes just about anything that has to do with food, especially if it starts with cookie or ice cream.  Amazing how it doesn’t take them long to learn those words!  Another new word is “nack” – snack!


Nehemiah loves to sing the B-I-B-L-E too!  To him it goes, “B-I-B Bible!” announced in a deep voice.  His favorite books are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Go Dog, Go!

Perhaps the cutest thing Nehemiah does right now is call his sister by name.  To him she is “Dobadee.”  This has given him the nickname “Dobadoo” from Daddy.  He is known for bopping her on the head with a toy when they are squabbling over something, but he regularly crawls into Liberty’s bed to sleep with her.

Liberty LOVES the water but Nehemiah hates it!  It took a lot of coaxing to get him to go in the water slide at the hotel in MI.  But he did go in for a closer look!


This is how Nehemiah passed most of the evening at the water slide!

I often get overwhelmed with all of the requests that come my way, at the same time.  But I also often just sit and watch these two play, interact, and live while I smile and take it all in.  They are so busy, so curious, so much fun.

We haven’t taken two year pictures yet, but hope to do that this week!


It’s A…

Baby #5 Gender Announce jpg


Only 16 weeks left to go.  Baby Boy is healthy, and breech!  Today is Liberty and Nehemiah’s 2nd birthday.  They loved their balloons, but they’re a little clueless about the reason they received them!  {Birthday celebration coming next week…Daddy is out of town today!}

I had this idea to reveal the gender to the kids with balloons, and to take a picture in order to announce it to our friends at the same time.  However, I learned that balloons and kids don’t mix with un-blurry pictures!  We had fun!




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