Friday, November 20, 2015


We were in Manomet, MA last week for a deputation meeting.  We took the opportunity to stop by Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower replica on our way out of town.  Elaine is studying Early American History this year.  I had been here in 1998 as a Sophomore in high school.  Our youth group attended a Teen Holiness in Rhode Island, and since we flew into Boston we did some sightseeing.  Though I knew Plymouth Rock was nothing spectacular, I tried to play it up as exciting for the kids.  They were a little chilly in the wind without their jackets (yes – a nice old man reprimanded us for not wearing coats), and very unimpressed with what Plymouth Rock turned out to be!

Plymouth Rock
I thought it was a lovely, albeit cloudy, day at the Cape!

Plymouth Rock
At the Mayflower, and uber disappointed that we did not purchase tickets to climb aboard!

Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock

As we drove up the hill to turn around, Ben noticed the Monument to the Fore Fathers through the trees.  We never even knew this statue existed until we watch Kirk Cameron’s documentary, Monumental.  You should definitely watch it and learn more about what each part of the statue represents, and get a glimpse into the founding of America!  The kids were a little more impressed with the size of this monument than with Plymouth Rock!

Plymouth Rock

Monument to the Fore Fathers
Libs, Nehemiah, Daddy, Nolan, and Elaine, examining the key parts of our nation’s foundation.

Monument to the Fore Fathers

Monument to the Fore Fathers

Monument to the Fore Fathers  Monument to the Fore Fathers

Freedom is guarded by a soldier!

Monument to the Fore Fathers

Monument to the Fore Fathers
Faith is the crowning point on this memorial!

Who Does Henry Look Like?

As I’ve been looking at Henry these last couple of weeks I keep having flash backs to when Elaine was this age.  So many times I look at him and I see baby Elaine!  But then some people say he looks like Nolan or Nehemiah.  So here are some fun comparison pictures…

Newborn Pics of the Kiddos:

P014-LTPP0014104599JCP-3   Nolan's Newborn Portraits
              Elaine                                                           Nolan

Liberty's Newborn Portraits   Nehemiah's Newborn Portraits
                  Liberty                                                          Nehemiah

Henry Tad Newborn Portraits

Name that Baby!  In all of the below sets, Elaine is on the left and Henry is on the right.

Elaine 3 Months   IMG_6360 

Elaine 10 Weeks First Rattle  Henry 11 Weeks Old
Same bubbly mouths

  Elaine 10 Weeks Holding Head Up  Henry Tad Pushing Up
Same rough hair days…

Elaine 10 Weeks  IMG_6363

Elaine 14 Weeks Bumbo with rattle  IMG_6346

Elaine  Henry 11 Weeks Old
These two are definitely my “tongue babies” – it’s always sticking out there!

The Kids at ~3 Months Old

At this age Henry seems to favor the Godby side (Nolan and Liberty), I think.  Unless I compare him to Elaine.  He always reminds me of Elaine (but I think she favors the Hamilton side).

Elaine 14 weeks faces hair   Nolan in the Crib
Elaine | Nolan

Nolan's baseball pants  Liberty & Nehemiah at 3 months
Nolan | Nehemiah & Liberty

Twins in the Bumbo  Henry 11 Weeks Old
Nehemiah & Liberty | Henry

I guess the only thing to say is…

Henry is a Hamilton!  He definitely looks like he belongs in our family!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Henry Tad ~ 11 Weeks

Henry turned two months old a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some recent pictures of him.  Definitely have the fifth child syndrome going on…not as many pictures or journaling as I tried to do for the other kids!  Most of the time he is so quiet, happy, and easy going that I can almost forget he is there!

Henry's Smiles!

Henry's Smiles!

Henry's Smiles!

Henry started smiling around seven weeks old.  His smile came on slower and more hesitant than Nehemiah’s, but now I get quite a lot of them every morning!  We have even had a few coos recently.

He can sit up supported and hold his head up now.  He likes to face out and see what is going on around him.  When he watches you, it is with giant blue eyes and usually an open mouth with tongue sticking out!  He is happiest in the mornings, but doesn’t really have a cranky hour. 

Henry 11 Weeks Old

Henry is a great little traveller now – very content in his car seat and sleeps most of the time.  We have rarely had to make extra stops (beyond the normal potty breaks for his older siblings) in order to care for him.  I expected a baby to slow down our deputation travel, but he hasn’t!

Henry 11 Weeks Old   Henry 11 Weeks Old

Henry 11 Weeks Old   Henry 11 Weeks Old

I think the teething might be commencing because we are getting lots of drool and bubbles lately.  He hasn’t been one to spit up much, which helps cut down on the laundry while on the road.  He is starting to grasp things and is very aware of his pacifier. 

Henry 11 Weeks Old

He gets lots of attention from Nehemiah.   There is often a line of older siblings waiting to hold “babee Henwee” though!  Henry doesn’t really like baths as his siblings all did.  Perhaps its because I am always rushing through it – he is usually the last one dressed and tossed into his carseat as we head out the door!  He does okay in the bath if Elaine is holding him.

Elaine and Henry   Nehemiah and Henry

Henry slept through the night for the first time at 3 weeks old.  He has made it a habit now, and usually goes to bed around the same time as his older siblings.  This definitely helps me to not feel completely worn out as we travel!

Hiking Rainbow Loop
First hike – Rainbow Mountain Loop in Huntsville AL on November 3, 2015.

Faces of Henry Tad

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Veterans Memorial Museum

A few weeks ago we bought Nolan a bag of plastic army soldiers.  The set came with two tanks.  Since then, Nolan has had tons of questions about “real” tanks – what do they look like, do they really shoot, how big are they, etc.  Then we saw a billboard for a tank exhibition, but we were passing through the town a week early.  When we arrived in Huntsville, AL a couple of days before our scheduled conference, I decided to check and see if there was anything in town that would have a tank.  I stumbled upon the Veteran’s Memorial Museum.  They had about 20 tanks outside and 10 inside.  And the admission was affordable!

So, on November 4th, we headed over to the museum.  They have memoribilia from every conflict and war since the American Revolution.  Not only was I interested, but my kids were interested in each display! There were guns, uniforms, a train box car, tanks, jeeps, and models of various battles.  There were even a couple of helicopters!  Ben and I enjoyed giving the kids basic information about the different wars America has been involved in, and it was very rewarding that they listened (mostly) and asked questions.  Best of all…Nolan got to see a tank! 

Veterans Memorial Museum
Nolan and his tank!

Veterans Memorial Museum
Guns and uniforms from the Civil War

Veterans Memorial Museum
World War I uniforms

Veterans Memorial Museum
Boxcar – a troop transporter that is a gift from the people of France.  They gave one to every state in the union after WWII.

Veterans Memorial Museum

Veterans Memorial Museum
Learning about the gun and helmet to mark a soldier’s grave.

Veterans Memorial Museum
Talking on the field phone

Veterans Memorial Museum

Veterans Memorial Museum

Veterans Memorial Museum
Liberty and the tank

Veterans Memorial Museum
Nehemiah and the tank

Veterans Memorial Museum    Veterans Memorial Museum
They also had some combat gear for the kids to dress up in – they loved this!

Veterans Memorial Museum   Veterans Memorial Museum

One of our first homeschool field trips…and I would call it a success!

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