Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Maineiac Hike

My kids have thoroughly enjoyed this week in Maine.  They have gotten to explore and enjoy the Great Outdoors in ways they didn't know existed.  Living in NYC, rocks and sticks and leaves are the only novelties to collect on a walk.  Here they have hiked, canoed, chased butterflies, romped in the grass, picked up toads, collected wildflowers, foraged for wild berries, and enjoyed picnic lunches.
Yesterday we went for a hike in the Bigelow Preserve here in Stratton, ME.  We were hoping that the road would take us to the lake, but it didn't go all the way through.  We parked on a logging road to hike to the lake, but after a while the foliage became too dense for the kids (and for Mommy who was carrying a baby!).  We had a picnic in the woods.  The kids loved sitting on a dead tree to eat. 
Elaine found some tiny toads and chased them.  Liberty got in on the action.  There were tons of wild raspberry bushes so we stole a snack from the bears (and then got out before they found out it was us!).  It was totally worth all the bug bites and raspberry bush scratches!
Beautiful Maine mountains - not the Rockies but still lovely!
My mountain kiddos
A little closer up...
I zoomed in to take this picture.  Nolan was ahead of us, and suddenly I looked up and he was missing.  I called out to him, and his head popped up among the wildflowers!
Beautiful butterflies.  So hard for the kids not to touch! 
Liberty's toad.  She squeezed...a little too hard.
Not sure if this one survived, and she sure didn't like letting it go!
My kids are collecting grandparents all around the country.  This is the twins and Elaine with Mr. Pease.  His grandkids are all on the mission field - Newfoundland, Canada, and Siberia, Russia.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Canoe Outing

We have had several meetings in Maine this month.  Last week we had to travel home on Monday so that Ben could finish a job he was doing in Brooklyn.  This week we decided to stay in Maine in between Sundays.  We had some accommodations in a prophets chamber during the week. But as we were leaving on Saturday morning, a college friend (who is a missionary in Siberia) emailed to say that she had seen we were in Maine, and that her parents would be glad to have us stay with them if we needed a place to stay.  The Lord answered an unspoken prayer to take care of our accommodations this week! 
We have had a wonderful time in rural Maine.  The kids are experiencing parts of the "great outdoors" that they never knew existed in New York City!  We enjoyed a canoe ride (another little thing that the Lord worked out - Nolan has been asking to go on a boat!), a couple of picnics, a hike, foraging for wild raspberries, looking at the stars, and "moosing".  We might have to come visit again in order to see a moose, though!
We have been so blessed to stay with the Pease family this week and we are grateful for their hospitality!

Twinsies ready for the boat

Some happy "big kids" enjoying the up front view in the canoe

Nehemiah is NOT a water lover.  He enjoys his bath, but prefers to stay dry otherwise.  He wasn't too thrilled with his life vest or being out on the water.  His attitude improved when he got to hold one end of the oar!

A Stop on the Farm

Last week we traveled to Maine round trip in one weekend.  The kids were pretty tired of being in the car, so we made a fun stop at a farm in Massachusetts.   They had a playground, and ice cream stand, and a barn of animals - llamas, sheep, goats, a miniature horse, and a cow.  There was also a little creek where Ben helped the kids catch some frogs.
We arrived right at feeding time, and the kids loved it!  They have always enjoyed feeding the goats the NYC zoos, so this was right up their alley.  Liberty was old enough to get in on the action, too.  She was completely fearless as she offered bits of grain and feed to the goats! 

Liberty discovered that she is a "big girl" now - we had a hard time pulling her off this swing!

We had "purple cow" ice cream covered in sprinkles - to Elaine and Nolan's delight!
Our kids enjoyed this so much that we stopped at the Davidian Bros. Farm again on this trip to Maine.  Liberty recognized it and went right over to the fence by the goats!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mini Mozarts

My twins are showing an interest in the piano, and they loved the grand piano at Grandma’s house!  Everytime I sat down to play, I ended up being joined by one or both babies, and eventually they took over and kicked me out!  Maybe one of them will be my piano player…

Mini Motzarts

Mini Motzarts

Mini Motzarts

Mini Motzarts

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Denver Zoo

One of the highlights of our trip to Denver (especially for the kids) was our trip to the Denver Zoo.  Beth Eden Baptist Church paid for the missionary families to go as part of the conference.  Mom, Wesley, and Aunt Jo met us there.

It was the day after a rain and the animals were all very active!

The Denver Zoo big horn sheep
Big Horn Sheep

The Denver Zoo Penguins
Penguins – we watched them for a long time!

The Denver Zoo Penguins

The Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo
Clouded Leopard

The Denver Zoo
Mommy & Nehemiah

The Denver Zoo
Grandma treated us to a carousel ride

The Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo
Giraffes…Liberty was giving Uncle Wesley a run for his money.

The Denver Zoo
Grizzly Bear – I grew up in Denver and have been to this zoo many times, but seldom have I seen the bears on the move!

The Denver Zoo
Gorilla – Nehemiah did NOT like this part!

The Denver Zoo
Tropical Discovery.  The twins loved that there are no strollers allowed!

The Denver Zoo
Tigers – they were active, roaring, fighting, and quite entertaining!

The Denver Zoo

As you can see, it was an exhausting day along with a fun day!  When I left the zoo entrance these two were awake.  A short stroll to the car is all it took to put them to sleep!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

A few snapshots of our trip to Denver and then to Maine, with a promise of more to come.

Flight to Denver
Liberty enjoyed her own seat.  Praise the Lord for a row all to ourselves!

Puddle Jumpers
Puddle Jumpers

Nolan finally slept in the car!  Ouch!

Her first ladies brunch – looks like she enjoyed it!

He takes after his Daddy – he loved the ribs!

My kiddos and Uncle Wes – and not too bad of a picture!

The twins and my grandparents.  They loved the new additions of cane and oxygen pack!

Liberty on the Big Swing
She’s a big girl now!

Nolan's Busted Forehead
He’s a boy!  And now he has a receding hairline like his grandpas!

Toys R Us Ferris Wheel
A ride on the Toys R Us Ferris Wheel in Times Square.  Special date day with the “bigs.”

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